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Our Experience

We would like share our experience to help others. We provide a suite of proven blockchain services and custom frameworks to help build up the applications and block infrastructure of the future!  

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  • EOSIO DApp Design & Development
  • Smart Contracts
  • Token Economics & Governance Modelling
  • Cloud Infrastructure Development
  • Software Integration

Our Approach

EOSIO is the world's largest crowdsourced, fastest and most scalable general purpose blockchain infrastructure, being able to process transactions per second on a scale larger than all other blockchain infrastructures combined and that includes Bitcoin and Ethereum, a foundation that we see will underpin the decentralised future envisioned here at BlockS1.

There currently exists a huge overlap and redundancy in time and effort spent on building out decentralised applications and projects. We believe that this can be significantly cut down with a proven and tested set of custom packages and frameworks as well as a shared pool of knowledge covering token econometrics and governance models. We believe that this is essential if we ever want to advance the current state and quality of blockchain projects to reach the plateau of productivity on gartner's cycle and wide-scale global adoption.

Why Us?

BlockS1's vision is underpinned with the adage of building simpler and smarter decentralised applications. Our services are made to help you build out your ideas and have it deployed as quick and as easy as possible. 

You have the ideas that can change the world, we here at BlockS1 can help you  turn that idea into a reality. We strive to build the decentralised future on applications that are created for a greater social impact and purpose.  


EOSIO DApp Development

EOSIO Decentralised Applications (DApp) Smart Contract Development

Token Economics & Governance Modelling

Token Economics & Governance Modelling

Cloud Infrastructure Integration

Cloud Infrastructure Development & Software Integration

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